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Your Favorite Hairstyle Pulls can Lead to Permanent Hair Loss!

Love your neat ponytail or that sleek updo? It looks gorgeous, no doubt. But it can induce hair loss! according to experts, if you wear your hair in such pulling styles daily, it damages follicles and, eventually, they stop producing hair.

This type of hair loss is common. Doctors call it traction alopecia.

That doesn’t mean you must keep hair loose all the time. it is not feasible for people with long hair. However, you can tie them in loose styles so that your follicles do not get hurt.

Moreover, pulling your hair in some tight hairstyle once in a while is okay. So, go ahead with that lovely sleek updo for the cocktail dinner. However, once you are back home, free your hair. Do not sleep with hair done in that tight updo. Also, avoid doing up your hair tightly every day.

Why you mustn’t pull your hair in tight hairstyles

The constant pulling hurts follicles. It can also cause hair breakage. Once your follicles are damaged, it’s hard to revive them. This may lead to permanent hair loss.

Hairstyles that cause hair loss

  • Tight buns
  • Tight ponytails
  • Tight up-dos
  • Dreadlocks
  • Cornrows
  • Tight braids
  • Hair weaves and extensions
  • Tight clips that pull at your hair

Do you often wear rollers to bed to get those sensuous curls in the morning? Well, drop the habit. It can lead to hair loss.

Here’s a hot tip to get sensuous curls quickly:

Dampen your hair. Comb them gently to detangle them. Now loosely braid them overnight. The emphasis is on the word “loosely.” Open the braids the next morning. Do not comb. Your hair will show beautiful curls!

Signs that your hairstyle is too tight

  • You feel a stretching sensation on the scalp.
  • You feel pain on the scalp after some time.
  • Your notice broken hair strands at your hairline
  • Your hair is thinning at the point where you pull your hair tightly.
  • In severe cases, you may notice bald spots at the pulling area.

Wearing headbands daily is a bad idea too. Also, be careful while shopping for hair accessories. Too tight clips or pins that pull the skin of your scalp are a no-no.

Hair extensions and weaves

Wear hair extensions only for a short time. Choose sewn-in weaves instead of those that need bonding glue. Remove the extension at once, if you experience irritation or pain on the scalp.

Can you reverse hair loss caused by hairstyles?

Yes, if the follicles are not yet damaged.

According to experts, start loosening up a bit. If you love to wear your hair in a ponytail, avoid those high ponytails. They tightly grasp your hair. You can gently tie your hair at the nape instead.

Make sure the accessories you use to hold hair in place are not too tight. They shouldn’t scratch your scalp skin or pull at it.

Keep your hair loose as much as possible. Over time, the follicles will start growing hair. You can also use hair regrowth treatment and sulfate-free, nourishing shampoos that promote hair growth.

Change your hairstyles often. Do not wear hair in the same style for months together. Use essential oils for hair growth. Massage your scalp with oils once a week to ease out any tension in the scalp.

As a reputed and popular name in the field of trichology, Pilar Floyd has many followers. She writes for many popular hair care blogs and websites to share her expertise and experience in various aspects of hair growth and hair care.

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