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Winter Is Coming…. 5 Tricks To Saving Your Hair

The Night King and further Game of Throne’s references aside, winter is actually coming, and with the cold air and colder winds comes an environment that isn’t ideal for hair or skin health. 

Cold temperatures suck moisture out of the air, and there’s not much relief indoors where industrial central heating, space heaters, and cozy fires equally drain water away from your skin and hair. 

When it comes to Jack Frost and his incessant nipping, there are things that make it better and things that make it worse – which many people do not know, hence today’s article.

1: Don’t wash your hair too often

The resulting lack of moisture in the air in wintertime means it behaves far more than in warmer climes. Washing it for too long or too often will actually have the opposite effect and leave it dry.

You should also use lukewarm water rather than hot, since hot water dries out your hair.

Instead of taking a shower, do a light combing with some dry shampoo.

2: Buy a silk or satin pillowcase

While seeming a little bourgeois, a satin or silk pillowcase is a great way to keep your hair moist in winter. 

The reason is that cotton wicks moisture out and away from the body, while satin and silk does not. Silk will keep the moisture locked into your hair while you sleep, rather than drawing it out.

3: Protect your hair from the elements. 

A hat and scarf will protect you from frigid winds that damage your DNA and dry out your hair. 

On the plus side you get to experiment with different combinations of fashion choices! Who doesn’t love a scarf?

4: Start taking some extra supplements

If you remember learning as a kid how frostbite damages your blood vessels, the same principal occurs in hair. If you want to protect your hair from the internal damage from cold weather, topical treatments only go so far.

You should consider taking vitamins for hair health such as biotin, vitamin E, collagen, or spirulina (sea weed).

5: Apply a weekly hair mask

Using a hair mask will protect and repair your skin from the worst of the seasonal damages. A good quality hair mask with natural ingredients will restore shine and nutrients, reduce breakage, and if you can get one without too many harsher chemicals like thatlates, fragrances, and alcohol, the better for your hair.

All in all

Taking care of your hair during the wintertime is pretty simple and straight forward. There’s no massive lifestyle adjustments you have to make, and at the end of the year you’ll have a silk pillowcase to enjoy, which is just awesome. 


Andy Corbley is the editor and senior content writer for Hairlossly.

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