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Understanding How Keratin Treatment for Hair Loss Works

Keratin Treatment for Hair Loss

Are you having a hair problem that seems to get worse with time? Have you tried any traditional hair care treatment or met a hair expert to discuss the problem and find a solution? Have you been recommended a Keratin treatment?

Looks like the Keratin treatment word has struck a bell. Like you, many women battling various types of hair problems, have been using keratin treatment and have found it to be very effective.

If something is working for your hair and is benefiting others too, it is only natural for the treatment to trigger curiosity. Yes, more women are trying to ramp up their knowledge about keratin treatment. So, let’s try to uncover a few key benefits of this hair treatment system that’s making waves across the globe.

But before that, let’s find out what is keratin. It is a protein present naturally in the hair and plays a key role in its healthy appearance. Keratin keeps hair protected from humidity, the primary reason for frizz.

The question that would hit you is that if keratin is already a component of hair, why do we need keratin treatments? Simple. Your hair keeps losing keratin because of various reasons:

  • Exposure to the harsh sunlight and its unwanted elements such as UVA and UVB
  • Pollution hanging in the air
  • Some types of hair treatments involving the use of harsh chemicals and processes

Keratin treatment helps restore the required level of keratin in the hair so that the follicles and its pores remain in a healthy state.

A keratin treatment is a proven way of making your hair appear smooth and shiny. There are different versions of keratin treatment such as Brazilian Blowout, Goldwell Kerasilk, Cezanne, and more. The treatment you need to put your hair back in great shape would depend on what your hairstylist discovers after a thorough examination of your hair follicles and scalp. Your stylist may create a customized treatment using a blend of the different formulas to suit your hair care needs.

Some versions of the keratin treatment release formaldehyde when heated, but there are formaldehyde-free versions too. Regardless of the formaldehyde content, keratin treatments can make your hair look great again by penetrating into the follicles and injecting the porous areas with the essential protein. Your hair will look healthy and lustrous again after the treatment.

Before we move to the central theme of how keratin treatment for hair loss works, we shall try and understand what exactly keratin is.

Keratin Explained

Keratin is a protein and forms the core of the structural building block for hair, skin, and nails. In human hair, when the outer layer of keratin is damaged, it affects the new cells which lose that much-needed protection. This results in the dry and brittle appearance of hair.

If you want your hair damage and hair loss to be reversed and satiate the urge to show off a mane full of shiny, healthy, and voluminous hair, keratin hair treatment is the best solution.

A keratin treatment is a chemical-based hair repair and rejuvenation process that can be customized to match individual needs. The process involves injecting the porous of the hair follicle with keratin which is an essential hair protein. Most women experience great results as keratin treatment makes hair look healthier.  Results can last up to six months or even more.

How Much Time Does the Treatment Take

If you have questions in your mind about how much time it will take to complete the treatment, here is the information you need:

The time taken for keratin treatment varies from one stylist to another, and depends on:

  • The specific hair care formula they are using
  • The thickness or density of your hair
  • The texture of your hair

Generally, the treatment can last anywhere from two to four hours. The process involves washing the hair thoroughly, applying the keratin treatment to the wet hair and sealing in the treatment using a flat iron on low or medium heat setting. Some stylists may blow-dry the hair after washing and apply the keratin treatment again.

The Ideal Keratin Treatment Candidate

Anyone with frizz and with a hair texture that’s difficult to manage can benefit from keratin treatment. Wavy and curly hair types may not experience the full bloom of the results they will definitely be able to enjoy the difference the treatment brings about to the look and feel of their hair.  Unlike what most women believe, keratin treatments are designed to make hair smooth. It is not a hair straightening solution.

The Keratin Treatment Process

There is no universal keratin treatment process. Every salon has its own approach depending on the needs of the clients and the condition of the hair. However, the broader approach and guidelines followed remain the same. You are advised to spare around two to four hours of your time for the treatment. The general steps involved are:

  • Washing of the hair and roughly blow-drying to remove dirt and grease deposits
  • Dry shampooing is also an option
  • Applying the treatment all over the hair and leaving it in for around 30 minutes
  • Rinsing of hair after the treatment is completed
  • Applying heat to lock in the effects of the treatment

You will be advised not to wash, tuck up, or tie your hair for at least 24 to 48 hours from the treatment as it affects the outcome of the treatment. After the safety period, make sure you choose shampoos and hair conditioners that are safe and free from sulfates and paraben. Keranique is a highly recommended brand and also the choice of leading hairstylists.

How Keratin Treatment Is Different From Chemical Relaxers

Chemical relaxers make use of a mix of various chemicals to restructure the bonds in curly hair. While this makes the hair straight permanently, it also loses its strength in the process. Keratin treatment works differently. There are no chemical compositions involved. The porous parts of the hair get injected with protein to make it look and feel smoother. This effect goes away after a few months because of regular washing and shampooing.

Is Keratin Treatment Harmful For Hair?

Keratin treatments are safe and unlikely to damage hair in most cases. However, some types of treatment may cause some damage, so make sure you check with your stylist about the potential side effects.

How Long Does The Effects of Keratin Treatment Last?

The effects of keratin treatment can be enjoyed for around three to five months, depending on how you take care of your hair post-treatment. It is important to stringently follow the after-care instructions to extend the effects and benefits of the treatment.

What Is the Cost of Keratin Treatment?

The price of keratin treatment can vary and very significantly too, depending on several factors such as your location, the salon you choose for the treatment, the offers, and other factors. The average price tag for a keratin treatment can be around $250.

Can Keratin Treatment Be a DIY Project?

You can buy keratin treatment and do it at your home. So, technically, it is a possibility, but the results you get may be significantly different. The first step is buying the right product because there are many cheaper and duplicate versions available over the counter nowadays. They might use the term keratin to mislead customers into believing this is the real thing.

Many of these ‘keratin’ products are nothing else but smoothing treatments designed to make your hair appear straight and smooth. Some are standard conditioners and nothing else. You will be disappointed with the results.

Getting keratin treatment from a reputed salon is the best option because even if you manage to get hold of a genuine keratin treatment pack, there are application issues to deal with. You surely don’t have the expertise, the tools, and other resources needed to complete the treatment successfully.  Results are unlikely to be as good as the salon version, and they will not last long too.

Not a Permanent Fix

Unlike chemical relaxers that make your hair straight permanently, Keratin treatment does not alter the chemical composition of your hair. Only the porous parts of the hair are injected with protein during keratin treatment to make the hair strands look and feel smoother. The effect wanes away after a few months.

Why Formaldehyde-Free Treatment Is Recommended

It is not uncommon for hairstylists to add a solution that releases formaldehyde when exposed to heat along with the keratin treatment. Of course, there are formaldehyde-free options also available if you so wish. The latter is desirable as formaldehyde is a carcinogen and hence best avoided despite the fact that only a minuscule amount of formaldehyde is released during the treatment. Formaldehyde-free treatments are definitely recommended as they are safer.

What Are the Benefits?

Those who have used keratin treatment are of the opinion that their hair has become smoother and more manageable after the treatment. They say that the difference is easily felt. Of course, the benefits and the level of difference will vary from one individual to another as it depends on factors like:

Keratin treatment also helps reduce frizz in curly hair. You can style hair more effortlessly after the treatment because of its straighter form.


If you are tired of blow-drying and straightening your hair every few days and looking for a better way of making hair appear smooth and straight, head straight to the nearest salon offering keratin treatment. Your stylist will make a quick assessment of what your hair needs and choose the right treatment to make your hair look awesome again. Avoid the treatment if you are pregnant. It is not recommended for to-be mothers.

Jazz is one of the leading hair care experts with a practice of his own. He also loves to share his experience in this field and offers the best advice for all your hair loss issues.

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Adam Golightly
9 months ago

Thanks for explaining about how dry and brittle hair can come from a damaged outer layer of keratin. My cousin is thinking about getting a keratin treatment for her hair so that it will be healthier. She would really like to get some help from a professional and get the treatment done.

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