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Top DHT Blockers for Hair Regrowth


Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, can be detrimental to hair growth in both men and women.

This androgen hormone is the result of 5-alpha-reductase interacting with testosterone.

That interaction causes both male and female pattern baldness.

Using DHT blockers is one of the most common treatments for this condition.

These DHT blockers are pills or shampoos that you use every day to keep 5-alpha-reductase from interacting with testosterone.

In many cases, these products can help stop and even reverse pattern baldness. However, not all DHT blockers are made the same.

Here are our top 10 choices for you and your hair loss treatment needs:

1. Dr. Formulas

The best DHT blocking pill that Dr. Formulas offers is their Hairomega 3-in-1.

One of the key features of this product is the extra strength biotin to help stimulate new hair growth.

It also includes vitamin C, which can help strengthen new and existing hair.

For some people, the lack of artificial dyes is an important component in the decision-making process.

The good news is that Hairomega does not contain any of those.

 2. Follicin

Follicin HG is an amazing DHT blocker for both men and women of various ethnicities.

It is also all natural, which is a selling point for many consumers.

This supplement focuses on reducing hair loss in an all-natural way.

Follicin HG is also designed to target thinning hair.

Additionally, it can give you a healthier scalp.

Follicin suggests combining this supplement with a vinegar wash for your scalp to see results two to three times faster than with the pill alone.

3. Hair Restoration Laboratories

A good alternative to pesky pills is a DHT blocking shampoo. Hair Restoration Laboratories makes an excellent one.

Their shampoo can help restore your scalp and prevent thinning without harsh sulfates and parabens.

This formula uses a combination of 21 DHT blockers to combat hair loss, which is a much higher number than most other shampoos on the market.

One of the more unique aspects of this shampoo is that it contains salvia miltiorrhizia root extract to help stimulate the blood circulation in your hair follicles, promoting unprecedented growth.

4. NuHair

NuHair’s DHT blocker tablets are one of the best options on the market for those looking for an all-natural approach.

The primary goal of this supplement is to combat thinning hair.

If you are looking for new hair growth, then this may not be the product for you.

However, if you are just beginning to notice hair loss, then this product could be perfect.

It not only helps to thicken hair, but it also rejuvenates your scalp, which can help foster stronger, healthier hair follicles.

It is a great option for those who do not want to fuss with shampoo.

5. HairGenics

Propidren by HairGenics is a capsule-form DHT blocker.

This really is an all-in-one pill.

Not only does it work to stop hair loss, but it also helps regrow and thicken your hair.

It does this by stimulating your hair follicles with biotin.

HairGenics recommends using this pill for three months in combination with one of their shampoos for the best results.

However, they do offer a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the product.

Because different products work to varying degrees for different people, the money back guarantee is a great safety net.

6. UltraxLabs

Hair Rush by UltraxLabs is an amazing product.

The extra strength formula gives this pill an edge in the market.

Even those who suffer from the most extreme hair loss can benefit from this DHT blocker.

What makes it so great is its focus on hair growth.

Not only can Hair Rush stop progressing baldness, but it can also restart your hair growth.

You could see an increased number of active follicles, as well as thicker hair if you use this pill daily.

Keratin and 23 other essential vitamins that are included in each Hair Rush capsule to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

7. Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics makes one of the best DHT blocking shampoos on the market today.

It is a biotin-based formula that can be used by both men and women that are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss.

Since many people that suffer from hair loss also suffer from dandruff, this shampoo combats both.

It uses zinc, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil to help you combat thinning hair.

The list of natural ingredients also includes coconut oil to help moisturize dry and irritated scalps.

If you are looking for something to do double duty, then look no further!

8. HairMax

HairMax’s hair, skin, and nails supplement is great for someone looking to grow more healthy hair.

Although it has many factors of a basic supplement, it stands out in a few ways.

HairMax contains 2,500 mcg of biotin, which can help improve your keratin infrastructure and can lead to greater production of strong, healthy hair.

These pills are also fairly easy to swallow.

They measure about ¾ of an inch, which is standard for most medications.

HairMax’s product can be a great option if you do not want to try the larger pills on the market.

9. Advanced Trichology

Advanced Trichology makes a great DHT blocker that also helps support your immune system.

This is helpful because it targets reasons for hair loss other than DHT.

The Advanced Trichology pill capsule can reduce hair loss caused by hormonal changes, digestive issues, and stress in both men and women.

Most people should see results within 90 days. The main downside of this product is that you have to take four pills per day.

Other than that, this is a top choice for those who are unsure of the cause of their hair loss.

10. Shen Min

If you want a proven-to-work product that is herbal-based, then look no further.

Shen Min’s hair strengthening formula could be the exact product you are searching for.

Simply take the supplement each day to see improvements in the thickness of your hair.

One of our favorite features of this pill is that both men and women can use it.

Since testosterone works different in men and women, not all products can be used by both.

You do not have to worry about this product, though. It is also formulated to target advanced-stage thinning, so it is perfect for someone that needs strong results.

The Takeaway

When choosing a DHT blocking product, it is important to consider your personality and habits.

After all, the best product is going to be the one you actually use.

If you have a hard time remembering to take medication, then a shampoo may be the best option for you.

However, if you do not like to shampoo daily, a pill could be the solution that best fits your schedule.

Either way, we hope you found something helpful on our list.

We want to help you begin or continue your hair growth journey with the greatest possible success.

If none of the products seem to be working for you, remember that we recommend many different treatments.

It is best to continue researching your options, no matter what stage of the process you are in.

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