The Big Hollywood Weight Loss Miracles

April 10th, 2019

The battle to stay in shape is a constant battle for most individuals, including celebrities. For the celebrities living in the constant limelight it can be even harder to let a few pounds find their way onto their body. We decided to pull together the celebrities who managed to follow the right weight loss tips in order to keep the pounds off. Keep on reading and you’ll be stunned by how #7 turned out!

Christina Aguilera

Pop diva Christina Aguilera kicks off this list. At 35, Aguilera looks as good as ever after dropping nearly 50 pounds off of her tiny frame. However, in 2012 Aguilera received tons of criticism over her curvy figure, why we don’t honestly know. A year later, she received boat loads of favorable media attention after her significant weight loss. Go figure.

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