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Spring and Pollen: What Do They Mean For Your Hair?

Spring time is just around the corner, and every tree and flower will be waving its arms for joy. You’ll be able to enjoy your hair glistening in the sunshine, and finally putting on all your cute warm-weather outfits.

Moisture returns to the air, restoring the sheen and stick to your hair as it blows in a wind filled with cherry blossoms. There’s no need to always keep moisturizers on hand (and on your hands) anymore too.

Of course this means the air will be saturated with pollen and other kinds of tree trash. We all know someone who gets all read around the eyes and congested during this otherwise joyous time of year, but what you might not know is that allergic reactions on the skin can damage or kill hair follicles.

Allergies: bad for your nose, bad for your hair

This can be true with pollen indeed, but is also true of food allergies. If you have common food allergies like peanuts, shellfish, or gluten, the rashes and hives which appear as a result can damage hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

Acidity in foods is another common problem of pattern baldness in the middle years, and since dairy products can also be a common allergen, putting down the pizza or cheese may be a right move.

Pollen and foods are all very common allergens, but any substance can in theory have allergenic consequences for your skin and hair.

Break out the vacuum and the Benadryl

Metals, latex and other plastics, and synthetic materials can also cause rashes on the skin – again contributing to hair loss. Dust, animal dander, and other windblown allergens can have the same effect on your immune-system, so get vacuuming!

The fumes of burning food, car exhaust, and cigarette smoke can all cause allergic reactions. Fleas, mites, and other little parasites can cause allergic reactions on the skin through the animal’s saliva.

The bottom line is that Spring adds another layer of possible allergen exposure, but allergens can strike at all times. If you suspect that you may carry a commonly found allergy, you can go visit your doctor and order a battery of allergen exposure tests to find you. It may save a few thousand hairs, and a whole lot of self-esteem.

Andy Corbley is the editor and senior content writer for Hairlossly.

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