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Leaky Gut Syndrome and Hair Loss are Linked: Say Medical Experts

Leaky gut syndrome and hair loss

Suffering from unexplained hair loss? It could be your leaky gut. If your gut is compromised, you cannot expect to enjoy hair health and even overall health, for that matter.

Do you know about 80 per cent of your immune system lies in your gut?

Medical scientists have discovered a surprising connection between alopecia (hair loss) and the gut. It has been found that a large number of alopecia sufferers show some kind of digestion issue. Many of them were under chronic stress or anxiety that meddles with normal digestion. Stress also alters gut flora.

So, in many cases, alopecia is only a symptom. The root cause is digestive condition. In this case, you need to treat your leaky gut first to treat hair loss. If you have severe hair loss problems, you can try Keranique. It is a woman-specific advanced hair care system that works on all types of hair and age groups. 

Your gut explained in brief

Well digested nutrients usually pass through the gut lining and enter the bloodstream. The blood carries nutrients throughout the body, including follicles.

In normal condition, walls of the gut have tightly packed cells. 

In leaky gut condition, walls or lining of the gut develop holes. This makes larger particles of food “leak into” your bloodstream.

Your immune system mistakenly perceives these particles as “foreign object.” They start producing antibodies.

Eventually, as the lining gets damaged further, bacteria, toxins, and even undigested particles of food can pass through the “holes” and enter the blood.

This further alerts your immune system. It releases more antibodies.

This immune response produces oxidants, which, in turn, causes inflammation in the whole body. The situation can lead to the development of auto-immune disease, in which the immune system cells attack body’s own cells. Follicles are greatly affected by this disease. Keranique is a reliable brand that can help strengthen hair follicles and stop hair loss. It also ensures the regrowth of healthy and lustrous hair. 

What causes leaky gut?

Excess alcohol, antibiotics, toxic metals, NSAIDS, prolonged stress, invasive microbes, and foods that your body is intolerant to.

According to doctors, the commonest foods that irritate the gut are dairy products, grains, soya, and sugar.

What to do when you are suffering from hair loss due to leaky gut?

You must change your eating habits. It’s the only way, says a doctor. This holds particularly true when you are suffering from Alopecia Universalis, Alopecia Totalis, or Alopecia Areata.

Doctors recommend including animal protein in your diet to heal your gut. It is found that proteins from animals are readily absorbed by the intestines and can help in repairing gut lining better than plant protein.

Bone broth is a great gut healer. Many trichologists, who get patients with alopecia type of hair loss, recommend consuming a cup of bone broth daily. Trichologists also recommend the use of Keranique for hair loss and hair regrowth. It has proven and FDI-approved ingredient to make your hair look great again.

Due to the fact that most of the hair loss cases are linked to gut problems, it is good to start your hair loss treatment with altering your diet.

You can then change your shampoo and other hair products.

One your gut is repaired, inflammation gets healed too. Now, your follicles get adequate nourishment, as nutrients successfully reach all body organs. Follicles start growing hair healthily. Your immune system can also put its ‘arms’ down.

A PEG (Polyethelyne Glycol) test can determine whether you have a leaky gut. Please discuss with your doctor if you suspect leaky gut syndrome is the culprit behind your hair loss.

Donna Schwontkowski is known for her practical advice on hair care and is passionate about tracking new hair care methods and hair growth products. She recommends only those brands that she strongly believes can help in effectively resolving your hair problems.

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