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How to Maintain Positive Body Image While Experiencing Hair Loss


For a woman, struggling with hair loss is challenging—to say the least. There is a major attachment that women have to their hair, and the thought of losing it means so much more than simply a change in appearance. Hair is often linked to femininity and traditional beauty. It allows women to express themselves through styles and colors. It is often one of the first things we notice in other women, and is often a feature that makes them uniquely themselves.

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Despite all of the associations we make with hair, it isn’t the sole thing that makes a woman feminine, beautiful, or unique. Hair doesn’t define a you, and every woman is able to express her inner and outer beauty, whether she has a full head of hair or is completely bald.

We can’t diminish the challenges that come with losing your hair, but there are some things you can do to feel great about yourself, regardless of the situation you are in. Addressing your hair loss can give you freedom—by empowering yourself to take matters into your own hands, you are controlling how you will allow your hair loss to affect you. Follow the listed advice to take control of your situation, change your perspective of your hair, and feel comfortable in your skin.

Play with your Style

While you may want to mourn the loss of your hair, you could look at this as a new opportunity to mix up your style and experiment. Our style evolves as time goes on, and this is a chance to open up a new chapter in your style life by reinventing and finding new ways to express yourself.

The cut and style of your hair can make a huge difference when you are dealing with hair loss, so look into some hairstyles that can work with your hair loss, rather than against it. Switching your part or cutting a few inches can help you easily work with some of the issues you have with your hair. After doing a bit of research on styles that you like and you think will serve your changing hair, go to a stylist and get their opinion on what cuts and looks can work for you. If you have patches that you want to cover up, you can also look into hair fibers. These microfibers come in a variety of colors. They are applied to any patches that are sparse, and have the ability to bind to your hair and temporarily create a seamless and undetectable look.

Scarves and wigs are also great options, and give you a chance to easily mix things up when you are ready for a change. Scarves particularly can be a fun way to accessorize and take your outfit to the next level.

While it may seem like you can only work with what is on your head, this style change doesn’t have to focus solely on your locks. This is a great time to experiment with jewelry. If you have shorter hair or have gone bald, bold earrings can really pop, so look into some statement pieces if it fits your style. If you are a makeup lover, it can also be fun to test out new looks, and maybe even try some more daring styles. Brow products and fake lashes can also help you if you are experiencing brow and lash loss. Even if you’re not a makeup expert, you can find excellent tutorials online and on YouTube so that you can apply makeup like a professional in no time.

By giving yourself the chance to play with new styles and try different beauty techniques, you’ll be able to find new looks that enhance your beauty and portray your personality. Taking the reins on your personal style will empower you to become more confident in your look, even if it isn’t one you ever imagined you’d take on.

Focus on the Features you Love

Hair is often associated with beauty, so it can be difficult to see your hair thinning. Rather than focusing on your hair, take note of the features that you love, and find ways to play them up. Wear a colorful top that helps your eyes pop. Put on some bold lipstick that make your lips look particularly plump. Slip on some heels that make you feel like you can conquer the world. Or you can even jump into that sweater that makes you feel comfortable and most like yourself. Whatever you can do to make yourself feel confident in your skin can help you come to the realization that there is so much more to your beauty than just your hair.

Talk to Loved Ones

Talking with someone that you trust can help you work through the emotions you are experiencing, and they may be able to offer some beneficial advice. Your loved ones know you best, and can help remind you that you have so much to offer, and that your beauty is far deeper than your hair. Talking things out with a family member or friend will put things in perspective and help you recognize both the inner and outer attributes that you have.

It is important to be open with what you are going through. Hair loss can be a touchy subject, and your friends and family may not know how to approach the topic with you, simply out of fear of offending. By opening up the conversation yourself, you are giving your loved ones permission to talk about your hair loss, and you’ll have an easier time getting advice and support if they know you are okay with receiving it.

Join a Support Group

While family and friend support is incredibly important, they aren’t always able to fully support you, simply because they can’t truly know what you are going through. Being able to talk to people who are currently dealing with hair loss and understand your situation can help you immensely. A support group can guide you towards meaningful connections with other women who can offer up first-hand experiences. By seeing how other women have positively adjusted to hair loss, you’ll be able to develop a camaraderie and get some applicable life advice.

Do an internet search for support groups in your area to see if there are any that you think would serve you well. Meetup is an excellent resource, and you can also find options by simply searching “women hair loss support group” and the region your live in.

If you can’t find any groups in your area—or if you’d rather connect with people from the comfort of your own home—look for online communities. There is a vast array of groups online—you can find some that focus on women with certain conditions, such as especial, or others that are based on age. You’ll easily be able to find a support group that works for you, and soon you’ll be connecting with women all over the world who can relate to your situation and empower you during this process.

Hair loss can be devastating and frustrating, and it can have a major effect on your self-esteem, especially when you first start experiencing it. However, once you learn how to cope with your hair loss, you can adapt and embrace the changes in your appearance. Taking matters into your own hands can be empowering, and you’ll soon find that you not only accept your hair for what it is, but truly feel confident with it.

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