Harvard Dermatologist Gives Recommendation On Women’s Hair Loss Treatment

April 8th, 2019

Hair loss and hair thinning can be a difficult thing to treat because of the many different reasons it happens. 

Hair loss can seem like a lightning bolt out of nowhere, but it’s more common than you might think.

2 in 4 women face thinning hair or hair loss by the age of 45. It’s a difficult challenge That can leave you feeling disheartened, wondering why it’s happening to you and not to other people. 

It may seem unfair, but there are ways of fixing the problem in a lasting way that will leave you excited to take your hat off. 

“My Hair Is Falling Out, How Can I Bring It Back?”

The hair strand is nourished with everything it needs to grow strong and healthy by blood vessels entering in at the base of the follicle. If protein, vitamins, or minerals are in short supply, the hair is one of the first places to lose its rations, so diet is key.

Sometimes though, the correct diet for hair health just isn’t enough to prevent hair loss or thinning. At that point products and treatments are the only answer.

For instance, a great hair treatment might contain argan oil, but how much of that are you putting on your salad? The same could be said for minoxidil, or other active hair regrowth compounds.

One of the toughest challenges facing someone already struggling hair loss is trying to navigate an over-saturated market of thousands of different hair regrowth products that may or may not work.

Will a shampoo only work if I have the matching conditioner? Is it twice a day use? Do I have that much time? What about hair loss supplements?

Four Products, One System, Great Results.

One of the reasons we like the Keranique Regrowth Treatment so much is that it’s a whole system. With four products working on every level to treat hair loss and hair thinning, you’re saved the trouble of reading product reviews and studies on ingredients.

Mixing, matching, and testing all different kinds of shampoos, requires a lot of effort, and you risk facing the anger and stress of buying products that don’t work.

The Keranique Regrowth Treatment contains the only FDA approved  and scientifically proven ingredient to treat hair loss, so there’s no need to read long-winded dermatology literature.

Keranique has been trusted by over 1 million women who want thicker, fuller, more luscious hair because it:

With proper scientific backing in abundance, the Keranique Regrowth Treatment feels confidant to offer a 120-day money-back guarantee – head and shoulders above all their competitors.

Dr. Sonia Batra, Board Certified Dermatologist, and Graduate of Harvard and Oxford explains in the following video just how effective Keranique is at treating all the associated problems that come with hair loss and hair thinning.

Get the volume and fullness back in your hair and see what she has to say! —- CLICK HERE

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