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Finding the Confidence to Go Bald


It’s a huge decision to finally pull the trigger and go completely bald. Whether you’ve been toying with the idea for a while or have suddenly found yourself in a situation where you need to take action quickly, confidence plays a huge factor in this change.

If you are feeling unsure or insecure, the process behind going bald can be far more heavy than necessary.

Before taking steps forward, putting yourself in the right mindset will help you approach the shift with a clear mind and confident outlook. Here are a few tips that will help you garner the confidence to take the plunge and go bald.

Turn to Bald Women You Admire

Look for other women who are rocking the bald look so that you can get both style inspiration and an insider’s look on the incredible tribe you are about to join.

Even if you don’t have any bald women in your personal life, a quick search on Google or Pinterest will give you a wealth of role models to look to. You’ll find everything from celebrities who have gone bald to everyday women who walk through their life with confidence and style.

You can even make a Pinterest board so that you can get some quick inspiration when you are feeling a little unsure (don’t worry—you can make the board private if it feels a bit strange to you!).

By finding women who have already made this big change, you’ll feel a little less alone and find a sense of normalcy surrounding the whole process. Not to mention, you will be more prepared and inspired to go bald!

Play with Your Assets

Once you realize how many options you have to play up your style beyond your hair, you’ll feel more comfortable with the idea of going bald.

If you are a makeup wearer, go ahead and buy that new palette you’ve been eyeing and try out some new looks that brighten your eyes or highlight your lips.

Find new jewelry pieces that will really pop against your features, or look for ways to reinvent some old clothing you have lying around in your closet. Going bald is the perfect time to play with your style and have fun with your physical changes.

After experimenting with your style, you’ll realize just how much more there is to your unique fashion sense than your hair!

Look to the Characteristics You Love

It’s important to recognize the physical qualities you possess beyond your hair. Women attach a lot of their beauty and confidence to their hair, but there are countless other physical qualities that make your appearance uniquely you.

Take a moment every day to look in the mirror and recognize what you love about yourself. Whether you have gorgeous big eyes or cheekbones that make everyone envious, give yourself the time to truly recognize your assets.

There is so much more to your beauty than your hair, so don’t be afraid to embrace those qualities and flaunt them!

Find Your Confidence Outside of Your Appearance

When talking about going bald, naturally the conversation will turn to physical appearance. How we look plays a huge part in our confidence, so it’s vital that you take the steps to feel confident and happy in your skin.

However, it’s also important to find your confidence in more than just how you look. You have innate qualities, as well as skills that you worked hard to strengthen—take time to recognize and honor these characteristics!

Give yourself a few minutes every day to write down some of the qualities you are proud of, such as your kindness, your perseverance, or your ability to stay calm in stressful situations. As far as the skills you have, give yourself regular time to explore them.

If you are a master chef, give yourself one night a week to experiment with a new recipe. If you have a knack for art, start a new project. If you are an avid runner, challenge yourself to beat your mile time.

Regardless of what you are good at, giving yourself the time to cultivate these skills and prove to yourself how talented you are will build up your inner confidence.

Get Affirmations from Your Loved Ones

Doing the inner work ourselves is key, but sometimes we need a little help from our friends.

If you feel a lack of confidence around going bald, talk it out with a trusted and supportive friend or family member. Getting a view on your situation from another person can help you look at things a bit more clearly.

Turn to a friend who has the ability to pick you up when you are feeling low, and you’ll get that boost of confidence in no time.

Recognize the Benefits of Going Bald

While it can be sad to lose your hair, there are actually a lot of benefits to going bald. For one, you’ll save a ton of time not having to wash, dry, and style your hair.

Those days of (unsuccessfully) trying to get your hair to fall just right can be happily kissed goodbye. You’ll no longer have to deal with hair getting caught in your earrings, or using all of your strength to work a comb through your knots.

Not to mention, you’ll no longer have to put money aside for styling products. A lot of focus is put on the negatives of going bald, but take time to focus on the positive in order to build your confidence in the change!

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

When you get to the moment where you finally decide to go bald, be proactive and do it on your own terms. Go to a stylist your trust, or even do the chop yourself.

You can even make a whole day of it! Take the day off and have a personal spa day. Invite supportive friends to accompany you to the salon to be your cheerleaders. You can even make a whole party of it if you want! Do what makes you feel both comfortable and excited.

Regardless of how you approach the decision, doing the cut on your own terms will help you feel empowered in the fact that you made this choice, and didn’t succumb to the pressures of the situation that led you to this place. The power really is in your hands!

A bald head is a look that any woman can rock. It isn’t a matter of having the right bone structure or the edgy demeanor to pull it off. What is most important is that you have the confidence in yourself.

If you are feeling a bit insecure about going bald, know that you can pull it off—you just need the confidence in order to go forward and do it!

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