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Featured Hair Growth Treatment: Provillus For Men

When a company sits down with the idea of making a hair loss supplement, shampoo conditioner combo, etc. one of the first steps is how to go about targeting the hair loss problem. Depending on the individual, the cause may be due to a number of situations.

Hair loss can be part of a dietary pattern that involves too much greasy or sugary processed food. Sometimes hair loss can be hereditary, involving genetic lineage from parents and grandparents. Hair loss also affects men and women differently.

One of the reasons we like Provillus so much is because it’s a hair cream/supplement combo that’s made for specifically for men.

Unlike women, who may experience thinning due to changes certain biological epochs, men’s hair can start falling out, receding, or thinning as young as 28.

Men are far more likely to work outside, expose themselves to toxic or hazardous chemicals at work, as well as suffer from hereditary alopecia.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

A topical solution to hair loss will likely not contain the same ingredients as an orally ingested one, so getting two treatments at once – designed to work together, is a big plus.

Provillus Hair Cream includes ingredients like Biotin, Minoxidil, and Para-amino benzoic acid, compounds that when absorbed through the scalp, help to combat and reverse hair loss.

The Provillus Hair Regrowth Supplement comes with B vitamins, zinc, and herbal extracts like saw palmetto and stinging nettle, ingredients that when consumed orally, help to combat malnutrition, and boost the production of elements that are key to maintaining and regrowing healthy hair.

Part of the way it achieves this is a boost in essential hair-health nutrients, as well as better hormone regulation. Hair loss can also come from an imbalance of testosterone, estrogen, and a number of other hormones. Dyhdryotestosterone is a convicted culprit in hair loss crime, and Provillus helps prevent the body from producing it.

Another benefit of Provillus is the all natural portfolio of ingredients, rather than something like Propecia which has been shown to cause health complications and hormonal disruptions.

Hair loss is a billion dollar industry. Someone already suffering from reduced confidence and self-esteem as a result of hair loss or pattern baldness can easily become overwhelmed trying to choose the right product when so many options exist.

Hair Loss Information & Solutions

Provillus is a great choice because it saves the user time and effort of researching and selecting a topical application AND a supplement. Who knows, maybe they would have only settled with one or the other?

Provillus Hair Cream and Supplement are meant to be taken together so they can work together to help prevent, and even reverse hair loss.

Provillus has a very informative website, where you learn more and make a secure, informed purchase. Provillus is only available on their website. The customer reviews over the last 5 years have been very favorable. Some say it takes some time to begin working, but it seems to work more often than not.

CLICK HERE – Visit Their Website To Learn More About This Brilliant Product!

Andy Corbley is the editor and senior content writer for Hairlossly.

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