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Does Alcohol and Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Alcoholic and smoking cause hair loss

Everybody knows alcohol and smoking are not the nicest of things in the world. People still do it. Although that’s another matter – a matter of individual choice maybe. However, what if you learn that your habits can cause hair loss?

Well, never imagined this, did you?

Research has arrived. It shows that alcohol and smoking can lead to hair loss.

Scientists almost always have this knack to shock us with advanced researches, right?

And this time, they have attacked our dear bottles of beer and whiskeys!

But, mind you folks, you won’t lose hair overnight. It’s not that you drink alcohol tonight and tomorrow you find locks of hair in your hand!

However, there is more to the damage that regular consumption of alcohol and smoking does than you can imagine, as said by doctors.

Alcohol and smoking cause hair loss indirectly.

Doctors explain how

Alcohol is nothing but pure glucose. When you drink it your blood sugar levels rise. Your pancreas secrete insulin to break down this glucose.

Everything seems fine up till here.

Problem arises when you drink excessively and daily, like an alcoholic.

Your pancreas become overworked. Eventually, your body becomes resistant to all the insulin secreted by poor pancreas. Now, the extra glucose enters the bloodstream.

This increases levels of testosterone in blood. As a result, 5-alpha reductase enzyme gets busy converting this male hormone intodihydrotestosterone (DHT), one of the big culprits for hair loss.

So, here it is – your alcoholism hits your follicles, indirectly.

Evidence exists that links insulin resistance to hair loss.

Two things you must note here:

  1. According to research, insulin resistance causes miniaturization or shrinking of follicles. Such follicles are unable to produce healthy hair. They may also eventually stop producing hair.
  2. Insulin resistance is also linked to androgen production (DHT). DHT is a known contributor for hair loss called androgenic alopecia.

What about smoking?

A few puffs of cigarettes won’t give you a balding head, but yes, if you are chain smoker, you need to be cautious.

According to doctors:

  • Smoking imbalances protease/anti-protease follicle system.
  • Nicotine reduces supply of blood to follicles, as it constricts blood vessels.
  • Smoking increases production of free radicals in the body, encouraging aging of hair.
  • Most people smoke when they are in stress and stress is one of the hair loss inducers.
  • Anything that causes a general harm to health in the long run is likely to affect follicles too.

How to deal with alcohol and smoking induced hair loss?

It’s easy (pun intended): simply stop drinking alcohol and smoking!

Addicts never find it easy to drop their addictions. However, as the adage goes, “the mind can move mountains,” it all starts with will power.

Start by reducing the amount until, gradually, you are off it.

Meanwhile, do this:

Don’t let alcohol and smoking snatch the beauty of your hair. Remember, they are also silently damaging your body.

As a reputed and popular name in the field of trichology, Pilar Floyd has many followers. She writes for many popular hair care blogs and websites to share her expertise and experience in various aspects of hair growth and hair care.

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