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Are Your Locks on Lockdown Because of Unmanageable Damage?

Take this 4-step challenge and make your mane look better than ever!

There’s a constant war raging between having gorgeous hair and all the things we do to…well, make them gorgeous. Sometimes it seems that you’re darned if you do and darned if you don’t when it comes to your hairdo. Between environmental elements, sun damage, heat damage from styling, and piling on the products, we’re left with split ends, dried out and brittle strands, faded color, and all-around unhealthy hair. Nothing can promise an easy fix once the damage has been done, but there ARE actions you can take to transform those tresses.

Are you up to the challenge? Take on these 4 steps and you’ll be on the road to silkier, shinier, softer, more manageable hair.

Step One: Cut.

If your hair is in dire need, chop off as much as you’re comfortable with. The more you cut off, the more damage will disappear. It just so happens that bobs are TOTALLY on trend right now! If you don’t want to get too drastic, just make sure to get healthy trims every 6 to 8 weeks until you’ve got your hair as healthy as you want it.

Step Two: Care.

It’s time to give your hair some serious TLC. Your hair has to be protected as it is continuously exposed to the elements of the environment and all the self-inflicted damage we wreak upon it during styling. Protection from the sun is important. At the beach for the day? A hat will work double duty in protecting your skin, scalp, and hair from those harmful UV rays. There are also hair sprays and leave-in conditioners that offer SPF for your hair if you choose to forgo the headgear. After sun-exposure and using a product for sun protection, make sure to use a hydrating treatment to make up for the loss of moisture.

Step Three: Clarify.

With all those products that go into your hair, a clarifying treatment is in order to get rid of the muck. Get your hands on a good clarifying shampoo like Keranique or try an at-home clarifying treatment. All that gunky build-up can really weigh your hair down, dry it out, and work against you having the lovely locks you desire. This step is a MUST in order for you to benefit from further treatments.

Step Four: Correct.

Now it’s time to go hardcore. Let’s right the wrongs that we’ve done and make nice with our hair again. Hot oil treatments are wonderful for restoring shine and moisture. You can get a hot oil hair therapy treatment at a salon or go for a DIY at home where you can use warm olive oil to get the same effect. Happy locks are well-moisturized, strong, and treated regularly with an intensive, fortifying, nourishing deep conditioner.

Samuel is a writer with a proven track record of offering the right advice to various types of hair loss issues faced by men and women. He loves sharing valuable information on how to leverage the power of technology for stunning looks.

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