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Little Known Cause of Hair Loss Could Become an Epidemic Soon!


How People Start Losing Hair

There are many different patterns of hair loss. You could start losing your hair in patches. If you had chemotherapy, you could have hair falling out in handfuls with hair from all over your entire scalp. The same thing may occur after pregnancy when your baby took most of your nutrients needed for your hair. This actually indicates that your nutrient levels were not high enough to start.

You might also lose your hair in one single area, such as an area that is infected by a microbe or parasite.

Male pattern baldness is also another option, where you lose hair over the forehead and at the temple area and then it spreads until the head becomes bald. If hormonal levels are out of balance, this type of hair loss may occur.

No matter what the type of hair loss, it’s quite disconcerting to deal with. Hair loss is something that a lot of people will lose sleep about! Once the crowning glory becomes your demise, it’s a stress!

See If You Can Determine Why This Patient Had Hair Loss

There’s a new cause of hair loss that most people – doctors and lay people alike will never consider. Here’s a case history of what happened:

A 46-year-old man went to his doctor because of unusual hair loss. It was only on the left side of his head and there was pretty significant thinning.

The area of this problem was a few inches up from the ear but near the hairline. The hair was fragile but you couldn’t pull it out easily. At the base of the scalp there was no redness or scaliness but the hairs there were very slow growing. The thinning got progressively worse over the past six months.

The man wasn’t losing any hair anywhere else on his body and he didn’t have any sores on his scalp. Over the last 15 years he had been developing male pattern baldness but this didn’t cause him any grief.

When the doctor asked him what had been happening in his life for the past six months, the man replied that business was doing well. He spent most of his time on the phone in long conversations with clients. While talking on the phone, he held it close to his ear and held it there with the muscles of the shoulder and neck. He lifted his shoulder in order to do this.

His doctor discovered that the area of hair loss and thinning matched the position when his cell phone was in use. He suspected that it was radiation from the cell phone that caused the hair loss.  A biopsy of the area was taken to see what was happening to the hair.

The biopsy showed that inflammatory cells called mast cells had invaded the upper layers of the skin. This meant the skin was reacting to an irritant or antigen. The hair follicle and the dermal papilla of the hair were not invaded by mast cells.

Clues in Medical Journals Give Answers to Medical Issues

When the doctors went to the medical literature to see if it was possible that a cell phone could cause hair loss, they found this was true. When the body is exposed to radiation from cell phones, then the cells change. The DNA starts to break up and there are high levels of free radicals.

The doctor recommended that the man start applying minoxidil 2% twice daily to start the hair regrowth but he didn’t stop there. Added to the protocol were minerals such as calcium and iron, amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, biotin, and omega 3. The purpose of these was to reverse the cell damage and get the cells to rapidly start dividing once again.

The patient was also asked to cut his conversations on the phone and use a hands free device that didn’t contact the part of his head where the hair loss was.

It took about two months for hair to start showing signs of coming in strong, and at the four-month mark, the hair loss was completely reversed.

More Evidence That Cell Phones Harm Your Hair

Researchers of other medical studies have found that talking on the cell phone for 15 and 30 minutes was enough to cause single-strand DNA breaks in the hair root cells from the samples of healthy men. These breaks occurred exactly over where the phone was held.

Other studies reported that levels of superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant that prevents aging plummeted after cell phone radiation exposure in blood platelets. Lipids or fats in the blood were also damaged by the radiation. This is why the doctor used a lot of antioxidants in his male patient.

Cell phone radiation effects that are usually discussed include the following:

  • ringing in the ears
  • inability to concentrate
  • dizziness
  • slowed reaction time
  • fatigue during the day
  • sleep disturbances
  • heart palpitation
  • GI disturbances

Hair loss and poor hair growth is only mentioned in about 8% of the cases. Cell phones affect the circadian patterns of adrenal and pituitary hormones, affects estrogen, testosterone and melatonin levels. Sperm cells are affected when the radiation level is at 10% of the ‘safe’ threshold level.

The bottom line is that cell phone radiation has the potential to cause hair loss because of the hormonal disruptions.

Donna Schwontkowski is known for her practical advice on hair care and is passionate about tracking new hair care methods and hair growth products. She recommends only those brands that she strongly believes can help in effectively resolving your hair problems.

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Mark Salwazar
Mark Salwazar

Your article covers the connection between cell phone radiation and hair loss in a very detailed manner. The problem of over-usage of cellphone is indeed a serious matter. People must be made aware that remaining glued to their mobile phones can have serious health repercussions. Hair loss is just the beginning.

sarah hatter
sarah hatter

Well researched and very informative article. Thanks for sharing the causes of hair loss in such a detailed manner. I have started losing hair recently and am worried that it could soon lead to severe thinning and bald patches. That bit about cell phones and hair loss is extremely revealing.